Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Panoramic view from Tabel Mountain

The view from the top of Table Mountain must be one of the most beautiful city views in the world with Cape Town at your feet and stretching away in the distance to the right and Table Bay and the Atlantic Ocean azure blue on the left.

I've pointed out a couple of Cape Town's main landmarks as seen from one of the lookouts on top of Table Mountain.  I will still follow this post up with a post discribing our visit to Table Mountain.

Our trip up Table Mountain was sponsored by Table Mountain Aerial Cableway.


  1. Great pictures there. It has to be one of my favourite spots in South Africa. Can't wait until September when I will be in Cape Town next to go back up there.

  2. Wow! I remember snippets of this view but my day there was relatively cloudy. Still worth it. However next time, I'll hike up instead of waiting in the Q over two hours.

  3. Great pano of the area and thank you for the geography lesson! Looks like a heck of a place to visit.