Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whisky tasting

When I get asked what I would like to drink, whisky doesn't even show on the radar.  So what do you do then when you aren't much of a drinker and you get an invite to a whisky tasting evening?  You go off cause.  I'm always game for something new, even if it means knowing that I will be leaving a little light headed afterwards.  So there I was with an invitation to the nautical themed AHOY Boutique Hotel in Port Elizabeth to join the establishment's lovely dames and a couple of other gentlemen for an evening of tasting whiskies.
The whisky of choice for the evening was Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky.  We started with the ten-year-old single malt, Glenmorangie Original and then worked our way through the three twelve-year-olds consisting of the Quinta Ruban, Lasanta and Nectar D'Or.  At first I thought, "Only four?" But we tasted each of them neat before having a bit of ice or water added for a second taste which means that we technically had 8 tastings. *hic*
Although bars and pubs measure drinks (including whisky) in tots, the proper measurement for a whiskey should be a dram.  On asking how much a dram is, the facilitator shared a story of his first visit to Scotland and how he was told, "A dram of whisky is a measurement that depends on the generosity of the pourer." Ah! Well may all pourers be as generous as this one. *hic hic*

So what was my first experience of whisky like, you ask.  Well, lets put it this way.  With the first sip the whisky bursts into your mouth, slaps your avula so hard it vibrates before forcing its way down your throat and bullying everything that gets in its way.  The second sip was very much the same and so on and so on. But it was an experience I wouldn't have missed if I had the choice.  Not just did we taste the whiskies, but we learned all about what whisky is and how each individual one we tasted is made. *leaning against chair*
The wine cellar at AHOY doesn't just have a great collection of wines, but also whiskies and other beverages from all over the world.  If you want to entertain a couple of friends or business associates, this is the ideal spot to do so.  They can even organise you a whisky tasting session. *Don't worry.  It wasn't that I was drunk.  Not being a regular drinker I just felt a bit of a turning feeling in my head and I didn't go home till it was gone.* 


  1. When I cycled from Landsend to John o'Groats we passed Glenmorangie. My husband was in tasting while I was trying to fix my first puncture and there was no signal to call him!!! Never the less it is a great whisky. Diane

  2. Bryan (Elaine's boyfriend) is a whisky drinker and belongs to a whisky club (WP Club) which meets once a month. They each take it turns to bring a different whisky with explanation on the where, what and how of each particular one. Lends to a lot of research but they have fun!! The 'P' stand for poker which is played afterwards!

  3. Sure glad you didn't fall off your chair.

  4. Nothing wrong with a good single malt - Ahoy Boutique Hotel is a fine place - had the pleasure to view the pub/cellar and attend a seminar there. 5 Star place to go.