Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jazzburys Restaurant - Mossel Bay

I haven't really mastered the art of food photography, but there is nothing wrong with some food porn every now and then.

I struck it lucky on our recent visit to Mossel Bay by being invited to bring the family for a meal at the excellent Jazzbury Restaurant.  Its not the usual family burger joint like Spur or Wimpy where we would normally end up with the kids (for both practical and affordable purposes), so this meant giving the Rugrats a good talking to about what we expect of them before getting there.  When we arrived, a little earlier than when this pic was taken, there were a couple of people out on the veranda having a glass of wine which would have been ideal had we been on our own, but having the kids with we decided not to waist too much time and headed straight in. 

The dining area isn't overly decorated and that's the way I like it.  Elegant, yet simple.  The service was brisk and friendly and when I took a walk around one of the waiters were just too happy to have a chat with me before rushing off to wait on his tables again.

Jazzburys doesn't have a kiddies menu, but without us even having to ask the waitress immediately started making suggestion on what we could order for the kids.  After much debate we decided to get them a shared portion of... wait for it... Ostrich Wings.  Yes you heard right and if I had known what it tasted like before I ordered I would have had it too.  Imagine something that looks like chicken wings but with bigger bones and  soft and delicious red meat.  A winner if I have ever seen one.
The Damselfly was craving seafood. and not being in the mood for "boring fish" as she put it, decided on the Mussels in (I think) white wine sauce.  She counted and there were 24 mussels and she was well and truly happy with the meal.  If she could she probably would have ordered another portion just because it was so yummy.

I decided on the Lamb Shank which is the chef's speciality dish.  The meat was falling off the bone and it was served with mash and a variety of vegetables.  After the main meal we had Sago Pudding for desert before the kids got too restless and we decided to call it a night.  If anybody is ever in Mossel Bay and looking for a nice restaurant to treat a loved one, this is the place.  A special thanks to Riaan who organised the meal for us.

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  1. I'm impressed - your children are adventurous!! The dishes look yummy too!!