Monday, July 12, 2010

Ox wagons

I decided to start the week off with a nice varied Random ... theme post. The chosen Random ... theme is Ox Wagons. Ox wagons played an important roll in the early history of South Africa, in particular the Great Trek, and forms part of just about every museum exhibit throughout the country. They are specially evident around small towns and farms with ox wagon wheels often found at farm entrances.

This ox wagon is on display outside the museum in the Karoo town of Prince Albert.

Some of the decorative granite wagons surrounding the Voortrekker Monument outside Pretoria. The wall consist of 64 ox-wagons which is the number of wagons used to form the laager at the Battle of Blood River.

Another historic ox wagon on display at the Cuyler Manor Museum outside Uitenhage

Lastly, the ox wagon jungle gym at St Georges Park in Port Elizabeth. This pic wasn't initially part of this post and supposed to go onto Port Elizabeth Daily Photo, but fitted in so nicely that I couldn't resist adding it here.


  1. ~die ou Suid Afrika hey!!
    Beautiful as ever...

  2. For such simple things, they certainly had quite the impact.

  3. I can see us going back to the days of ox and donkey cars with the way fuel keeps on going up. I for one would love to go to work on horseback.

  4. Tell me, do they still have the old fire engine at the St George's Park playground? I spent sooo many hours playing on it. I can't find any photos, so I'm worried they may have removed it.

  5. Tint, I remember the fire truck very well. We probably played on it together back in the days. Its not there anymore. I have they vague feeling it was taken away and put somewhere else. A museum perhaps? I'll ask around.

  6. Nice post Jonker.
    I also photographed the ox wagon in Prince Albert, but it was with my cell phone camera, so they are not very good. And I have spent a lot of time at the last one is St Georges Park - the grandchildren love it.

  7. I'd love to know what happened to the fire truck. So sad that it was taken away. We had many hours of fun on it. Wouldn't that be interesting, if it turned out we did meet back then ;)

    Then there were those long double swings off to the one side of the truck where you sat on this wooden plank, facing your friend (or foe, in the case of tormenting brothers).