Monday, April 19, 2010

Little frog

I found this little guy sitting on the side of a rock in a small pool while rock hopping up the gorge at Sleepy Hollow just outside Port Elizabeth. He blended in quite well into his surroundings and I probably would have stepped on him if I didn't look down at the last second. I checked my books but aren't sure what type he is though.

The chicken came into the library and said: "Book". The librarian gave her a book, but minutes later she was back and said: "Book, book". The librarian took the one and gave her two others. Minutes later she was back again and after the librarian gave her another book, decided to follow the chicken. The chicken went out the door and around the corner there was a frog waiting. The chicken put the book down in front of the frog and the frog said: "Read it, read it".


  1. LOL!! Funny!!

    Love your frog Jonker. I am afraid there are not many books around we can use is there? :( What a pity that there is not more interest in nature here.

  2. You have a good eye as that frog sure does blend in well with that stone, well done on finding it.

    BTW, hubby said he felt cheated - he is so used to wood braai this felt very different for him..but we want to braai quickly at night after hubby's been to gym and sit outdoors as its light till 10pm here in summer time...and I dont have to cook!!

  3. LOL!!!!!!!!! Good one!!!
    I love this little fella ... so well captured!

    Gena @ Thinking Aloud
    PS. hope you get pancakes soon!?!? hehe!!

  4. Ha ha !! :)
    Little frog does blend in well - there is a very cute song about a little frog on one of the boys CD's I have in my car - and I was going to quote it but I can't remember how it starts .. !!
    Like the new look blog! I need to change mine.

  5. Haha! That is funny! What a lovely little frog. I was listening to a programme on 702 the other morning, and they were saying how you cannot bring frogs into your garden. They will come if they like it! We have seen quite a few in our garden over the last couple of months, but sad to say, they don't make a sound! I LOVE the sound of frogs, and could think of no better way to fall asleep!

  6. Good shot ahd I bet the frog likes it too! (Seeing how the alternative was an unfortunate misplaced step!) :-) Cool frog story too!!