Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kenton Rock Formations

Kenton-on-Sea has the most awesome rock formations along the beach between the Bushmans River Mouth and Middle Beach. When we were the the tide was unfortunately a too high to get nice pics of the rock pools, but here are some formations.

Carriage Rock

I'm not sure of this ones name. I think it was somewhere around Corner Rocks

Ok, so this one isn't Kenton, but at Kwaaihoek close by.

GPS: 33°41'37.96"S, 26°40'12.08"E


  1. Wow! Great rocks..this must be a nice place for bouldering?:-)

  2. What breath taking rocks...imagine doing a fashion or family shoot there.

  3. These So Rock! I have to see these. Great captures Jonker.

    12 days left.

  4. That first rock looks like a great place to hang out! WOW beautiful pictures!

  5. Incredible! Love the photo of your new niece too!!! What a darling little one!

  6. I always enjoy "abstracts" so to speak ... so nice to be able to capture nature at it's best/ as is ... such great shapes/patterns ....
    Gena @ Thinking Aloud
    a photoblog
    South Africa