Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wrecked walkway

This is what's left of the walkway across the dunes at Sardinia Bay. The dune has been shifting something extraordinary over the last couple of year and not much is left of the walkway that beach users used to cross the dune with.

Pamiejane did a drawing of this photo which can be see on her blog An Ordinary Life.


  1. Look at that water!! I love this! it is a great example of the power of nature.

  2. It may be wrecked but it makes a great photograph. Good discovery well captured.

  3. Lovely! Wouldn't I like to be there right now ... toes in the sand!! Pity about the blue plastic packet!
    Congrats on your blogoversary!!
    .. and when are you on 702? (Janet's comment)
    Sooo you take your camera tucked/swung around your neck when you're golfing - great photos of the Bracket - colours are great

  4. That beach and water looks so inviting. Why would anyone need a walkway? The sand looks wonderful...!

  5. Lovely photograph! P got word that you were going to be on 702, talking about the dolphins! However, I heard the curator of the dolphinarium talking about it this morning - just as you said about the breeding programme and all!

  6. What a beautiful picture.

    Would you mind if I painted it. I will understand if you say no.



  7. No problem Pamela. Just post a pic of the painting on your blog when you are done so I can see what it looks like

  8. Great colors and composition!