Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coral Trees

A couple of Coral Trees in full flower at Rhodes University in Grahamstown


  1. Beautiful tree. If you hadn't said it was in bloom I would have thought it had its fall colors already.

  2. I followed the linkwithin link to your daughter's teddy bear picnic birthday party. She is beautiful and I know what you mean about the big gun. :)I used to tell my grandson he couldn't leave the house until he was 35.. but the danged kid keeps sneaking off to school. Sigh...

  3. I asked Hubby to sort out my blog and yours last night....see its working and I can comment again.
    He had to make blogger compatiable with the new Explorer or something like looks like the problem has been sorted out.

    I am wanting to stay in CT for about 6 weeks as I'm due back again in Feb next year for my grandson's first birthday...I do miss my space when I'm away for long...