Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Candelabra Flower

The Candelabra Flower is found in grasslands and is quite wide spread in summer rainfall areas. Unfortunately people pick them in the wild as the flower is quite striking and it never gets a chance to sow its seeds. The flower grows up to 70 centimeters high from a bulb. It normally flowers in the summer months where after fruit develops on the tips of the flower stalks. When they dry out they form a tumbleweed and spreads its seeds.


  1. First time I saw one of these it was part of a huge group. I thought that they looked like an alien invasion, lots of very pretty space ships. Another of the plants that flowers before it puts up leaves, amazing

  2. It really stands out with no other greenery around it. I can see why people want to pick them.

  3. Oh .. very pretty! Is that THE tumbleweed? Never knew that!

  4. Hello Firefly.
    It´s always a pleasure to pass on your blog to see all these beautiful photos, and this one is very interesting, i have never seen one of this it´s very pretty,
    thanks for charing your photo work.
    All the best, have a nice day, see you soon.

    José Filipe / 28/07/2009

  5. I'd never seen a tumbleweed before it was a tumbleweed. 'tis a pretty plant.

  6. Oh my word! I had no idea the Tumbleweed plant was so pretty! Why do people destroy nature like that? Picking the flowers before they get to seed. It's so sad!