Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nelson Mandela Square

The area of Sandton in Johannesburg is a very upmarket and wealth area. Over the last 20 or so years it has developed from an area consisting of small holdings to being one of Johannesburg's financial and commercial hubs. Most of the development has taken place around the upmarket Sandton City Shopping Centre where I spent the last two and a half weeks on a exhibit stand promoting the Eastern Cape. Connected to Sandton City Shopping Centre is Nelson Mandela Square.

Nelson Mandela Square was formerly known as Sandton Square and was renamed Nelson Mandela Square in 2004 after a 6-metre statue of Nelson Mandela was installed on the square to honour the famous South African statesman.
The statue which was sculpted by Kobus Hattingh and Jacob Maponyane weighs 2.5 tons and measures 2.3 metres from elbow to elbow.The shoulders of the statue are 1.7 metres in width and the shoes are 1 metre in length.

The Square is surrounded by upmarket hotels, shops and restaurants and are used for many different purposes. If no activity is happening, the centre of the square has small fountains which, when turned off, creates a very nice reflexion.


  1. =0) welcome back ! miss ur pics !!

  2. Welcome home from that * hell hole * hehe, just joking now...but reading your status's each day u lead me to believe it was...*giggle*

    I've never been to Nelson Mandela Square, seen this statue in London, but not SA....one day when I move back and live in JHB I'm sure to see it.

  3. Ha! Missed your blogging! Glad you're home with the family. Was really great meeting you!

  4. Welcome back,I missed your blogging and your nice pics!
    Sandton must be very nice place to go shopping.Anne(my daughter) would love it...She enjoy her time in S.A. and at the moment is her dad to a visit there...