Monday, June 1, 2009

Hout Bay

The village of Hout Bay is situated along the Atlantic coastline of the Cape Peninsula. The word Hout means wood in Afrikaans and was named such because of the forest found here when the first explorers discovered the bay. Wood was harvested from the area for boat building and construction purposes. The headland on the left hand side is called The Sentinel because it loos over the bay and its village.

Hout Bay started out as a fishing village all those years ago and still maintains the status even though it has become a popular are to stay and holiday in. The small harbour contains Mariners Wharf which was the first harbour side commercial waterfront in South Africa. Boat trips from the harbour to Seal Island just outside the bay is a very popular activity with tourists and visitors.
Oops. Somebody pulled the plug?


  1. Fantastic shots - you picked an awesome day to capture these!

  2. How beautiful! Would love to visit there. Definitely wouldn't be taking the sinker though. ;)

  3. Beautiful photos on a beautiful day!

  4. Hout Bay is a stunning place in sister lives there...but lately I see more and more squatters and robberies.
    My son and daughter in law lived there till 5 guys jumped over the fence and tried to break in while they were upstairs in the house looking down at this...can you imagine how my son felt, worrying about his family and how he was going to keep them safe against 5 men!!
    Then a friend who was housesitting while my son and DIL were in UK on holiday got stabbed in her shoulder while trying to open the front door...when they returned from holiday, they never returned to the BEAUTIFUL house...too risky...
    Such a pity as its really beautiful there...a relaxed feeling.

    Great pics once again...*giggle*

  5. It's such a beautiful part of our country. I love the rustic feel and those old fishermen's boats are amazing - can't say I'd like to cruise on one! Safer on land! I LOVE that sinking photograph though!

  6. Great pics again! I love it,especially the first picture!

  7. Great colors in this set! All the photos are great too. Always a treat to stop in for a history lesson!