Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Evening lighthouse moods

We camped out at Cape St Francis over Easter weekend for three nights and one of the missions that I set for myself was to get a nice Seal Point Lighthouse picture at sunset.

I missed sunset on the first evening to say the least. We got busy and by the time I realised the sun was down... well, it was too late. So I ambled over the dunes with my camera and tripod and set up for an evening shot from a distance.

The second evening I headed down to the lighthouse and got there just before sunset. The sky wasn't as beautiful as the previous evening, but at least I got this pic.

The last evening the sky looked very much the same as the previous night, but I headed down to the point yet again. Not much sunset to play with (this will now have to wait for the next visit which will be who knows when), but I tried to get the lighthouse from a different side.


  1. There is something really special about lighthouses. I love these photographs of yours. I especailly like the first one with its really bright light!

  2. I really really love the last shot - the perspective is great and the sky is very dramatic, very good indeed!

  3. Mission complete - great photos - each one of them !!