Thursday, November 6, 2008


So I don't really know the difference between grasshoppers and locusts. Wikipedia tells me locusts are several types of grasshoppers that would swarm at times. Around here I haven't seen any swarms, so these must be grasshoppers. What confuses me more is that in Afrikaans we just say "Springkaan" which is grasshopper for all of them. Whatever! I'm not really one that likes to get too close to things like spiders, grasshoppers or anything with more that four legs, but when there is a camera between me and them it is amazing how close I will get for that shot. So here is a variety of shots I have of our normal garden variety (at a loss for a proper name) grasshoppers.

This pic comes from the Outeniqua Mountains in the Southern Cape. This one is sitting on a plant called a kapok bush, also known by some people as "Old Mans Balls". Not being an old man I can't guess why its called that.

This grasshopper was sitting on a pole in one of the game reserves. I chased him around the pole several times before he decided to just sit still and get it over with. He even smiled at me. Or was it a smirk?

For these two I can only say one thing: "Get a room!" Well, they are assuring the continuation of the species. Oh look, the male is blushing. LOL.


  1. How big are those Grasshoppers....Holy cow they are huge, and they have faces...fantastic shots, the name of the plant has had me laughing for ages, how apt...not that I know about these things of course. :-)

  2. Firefly, you have quite the sense of humour! It's a good thing no one is watching me, smirking at the screen like some kind of cuckoo person. For someone who dislikes insects, you sure like to get close. Fantastic shots, I love them all!
    Ek noem almal sommer goggas - grillerig bly grillerig ongeag die spesie!

  3. Omigosh, what incredible pictures. Did you ever see an old Walt Disney movie of Pinocchio? The art work in it is wonderful, and there is a grasshopper or cricket that looks just like that fellow in the middle picture.

    He really looks like he is saying to you, "Okay, I'm ready for my close-up." :-)

  4. LOL.. funny post. Old man's balls! lol. I guess there may be a resemblence. I love the shot where the little guy is looking at you.

  5. Oh I rememebr those huge locusts well! I always used to call the small brown/gren ones grasshoppers and these giants locusts, based on no scientific reason whatsoever :) And a Catholic friend of mine also calls the kapok bush "Bishop's balls"!

    Great shots!

  6. Ok, so how big are they???? They look monstrous. Very cool!