Monday, November 10, 2008

Birds of Eden

Seeing that we started touring down the Garden Route I decided to just continue and show you why it is such a popular tourist route. I may interrupt the tour every now and then to do other posts, but we will keep on making our way westwards.

The next stop after the Tsitsikamma National Park and the Bloukrantz Bridge is Birds of Eden, situated just outside the town of Plettenberg Bay. Birds of Eden is the World's Biggest Free Flight Bird Aviary. The park has about two hectares that has been enclosed. The catch is that when you are inside the aviary it doesn't feel like you are in an enclosure. The enclosure is divided into two sections. The first section is a forest environment with a stream and waterfalls while the second section is an open area surrounding a dam. As you walk through the forest there is one section where a rain forest is being created. The sun shining through the rain made for some excellent photos.
In one spot the walkway goes behind a waterfall and the split in the water with the walkway in the background made for another great photo opportunity.

But the best thing about the park is obviously the birds. Although you aren't allowed to touch them, they can come to you and because of the fact that they are used to people you can get very close. This makes for super (I didn't want to use the word excellent again and I tend to use awesome way too much) photo opportunities. This green bird is a Turaco or locally known as a Loerie. They are very elusive birds that live in the indigenous forests. You often hear them (they actually sound like baboons in the distance), but rarely see them because of their green plumage. They hop from branch to branch and when they glide to the next tree they reveal their bright red feathers under their wings.


  1. the Loerie must be beautiful in flight with its red underwings. I think I'm going to enjoy this trip. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am quickly checking in as it is late here...almost midnight...i did not read the words but rather said out loud, oh, beautiful, to the photos.

    love, love them.

  3. Well Ive missed a day completely !!! love the sunlight through the trees, and thats a cool idea shooting behind the waterfall ...excellent!!

  4. Well, let me say it then... AWESOME shots!! Well done!

  5. Reading your blog posts here on your tour, I understand why my mother's heart never left South Africa. It is an excruciatingly beautiful country!

    More, more, more!

    What a gorgeous picture of the walkway behind the waterfal. It looks likely silvery lace curtains... Gorgeous!