Sunday, August 10, 2008

The mermaids purse on Cape St Francis beach

In yesterday's post I showed the Seal Point lighthouse in Cape St Francis. I decided to stick to the little village for today's post, and sommer post two totally different pic for the measure. Cape St Francis started out as a little fishing village in the 1950's. Today its still small and charming and a very popular holiday and surfing spot. A couple of months ago we went to camp in Cape St Francis for the weekend and it was a great opportunity to take photo's. Actually, any day is a great opportunity for pics. On one of the days we took a nice long walk down the beach and back.
Looking back down the beach with the village of Cape St Francis and the Seal Point lighthouse in the background.

On the walk we found this little shark egg. Lots of people also call them mermaids purses. The second one is more appealing to kids, so that is what we told the kids. It was tough to keep them away from it long enough for me to get onto all fours and get a nice pic without any shadows falling on it.


  1. Now how bizarre over here they are calle " Mermaids purses" but whatever they are called, another 2 great shots

  2. Ann, I think I may be wrong. Marmaids purse suddenly sounds right. How stupid of me. I will change the wording. *Oops*

  3. How nice the beach is. The sand seem to be so fine. But on the other picture there seems a lot of shells and broken shells which might hurt if you walk barefoot. I was born in the islands and I have seen shark but never a shark egg. Interesting.