Friday, August 15, 2008

Kelp Gull

Today has been one hectic day. I am actually on leave for two days, but has four people from the office contact me during the morning regarding work stuff. Aaarrgggg!!! Anyway, we are also going away for the weekend to go and explore the little Karoo town of Cradock as well as the Mountain Zebra National Park. As it is it is after midnight already and we want to leave at 07:00 in the morning, I have run out of time to post, so the next installment of the British Settlers story and photos will have to wait till Sunday evening.

So just to not leave you with nothing, here is a kelp gull to hover over the blog untill we get back Sunday evening. See you later folks. Enjoy the weekend.


  1. Enjoy *your* weekend! Nice gull!!

  2. What a great shot lovely contrast with the clear blue sky, enjoy your break :-)

  3. Aaah, nice one, I love gulls! Always try and photograph them, but have never got one as good as this.

  4. Oh, gosh, I love visiting your blog. I was just reading some of your other posts. My grandfather was a Captain in the British Army during the Boer War, and my grandmother was a descendent of the Huguenots who settled there in the 1600s.

    Your country has such a fabulously interesting history.

    More, more, more! :-)

  5. What a beautiful gull photo with that lovely blue sky in the background! Hope your trip was nice!