Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hobie Beach

Yesterday I posted the photo of the sunrise over Hobie Beach. Today I am actually showing you Hobie Beach. Hobie is one of the main and most popular beaches along our beachfront. The photo was taken from Shark Rock Pier, which is situated to the one side of the beach. Right accross the road is the Boardwalk Casino & Entertainment Complex which adds to the popularity of the area.
This pic was taken on the same day as the one above. This time we are looking back at Shark Rock Pier. Before the pier was built, Hobie Beach was a little rocky beach used by local Hobie Cat sailers. After the pier was constructed, sand started building up against it (that was the idea) and a very nice beach was born.

If you go down to the very far southern end of Hobie Beach, just before Pollock Beach, and you look back, this is what you will see. Shark Rock Pier by the main swimming area can just be seen in the left hand side distance. The main city centre are those buildings way on the horizon while the buildings on the left are mainly hotels and apartments in the upmarket suburb of Summerstrand.

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