Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hairy caterpillar

I found this hairy caterpillar taking a stroll down my driveway and crawled around with it for a little while taking some pictures.  I couldn't find it in my The Wildlife of Southern Africa book and only found two or three pics of it on the internet.  Unfortunately non of them had descriptions, so for now it will have to stay nameless. 


  1. Cute little bugger. Hope Joan/Zane drop in to help with identification.
    I love thinking of you crawling next to the caterpillar on the driveway. Your neighbors probably already know you're crazy. Good captures.

  2. I'm sure your have an astute reader somewhere who knows the name of this little critter.

  3. OMW. I found one this morning on my bedroom and have no clue what it is :$